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Aluminium Brazing

Aluminium brazing is a popular method for repair all sorts of aluminium base metals. With many other products on the market aluminium brazing requires tighter process parameters than most other brazing processes because of the closeness of the melting point of the braze filler metal and the base metal. Not so, however, with our HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rod, which has a melting point 260oC less than aluminium.

When brazing aluminium, cleanliness is usually extremely important since oil, scale and heavy oxides from extrusion must be removed prior to brazing. In addition, it is usually impossible to remove such oxides because of aluminium's natural ability to oxidize upon exposure to air. The HTS-2000 aluminium brazing rods are much more lenient when it comes to contaminants. In fact, our brazing rods easily penetrate past impurities that lay below the metal's surface, which may be impossible to penetrate with competitors materials. In fact, unlike the first generation aluminium brazing rods, the HTS-2000 does not require steel or special cleaning brushes to prep the areas for brazing.

Commonly, filler metals for aluminium brazing are available in wire, paste, powder, clad sheet and foil and not all filler metals are readily available in all forms. Some of these forms listed many be very difficult if not impossible to find in small quantities domestically. With our industrial strength no-flux aluminium brazing rods, we solve this problem entirely. This is the only rod you will ever need for all of your aluminium brazing projects big and small.

When brazing aluminium with our products, the affected area actually becomes stronger than the surrounding areas. You will never see a crack or break in the same place twice. Besides our industrial-strength aluminium brazing rod, all you will need is a heat source (propane or mapp gas), a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene, and a free moment. No welding machine or furnace is necessary.

Our aluminium brazing rods can be used to repair diesel engines, airplanes, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, aluminium boats, trailers, fuel tanks, ladders, awnings, gutters, aluminium rivets and brackets to name a few uses. In order to get a feel for other uses of HTS 2000 Aluminium Rods, please see our demonstration videos


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