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Welding Alternative

Welding machine be gone! That is the cry you will hear from us as no welding machine is necessary when using our HTS-2000 and HTS-528 high-end brazing rods. If you're looking for a new welding machine or welding machine supplies, why not try something that is much more portable and costs far less to operate?

With our industry-strength brazing rods all that is needed is a heat source such as such as butane, propane, mapp, or an oxy-acetylene torch. In fact, when you've made the switch to our line of products you will never go back to your old welding machine again. Why be tied down to a welding machine when you can bring your torch where its needed and get even better results?

For aluminium brazing and welding, our HTS-2000 second-generation brazing rods provide more tensile strength and greater elongation than other products. For aluminium repair that is stronger than a welding machine try our no flux rods, which can fabricate and repair all sorts of items including trucks, diesel engine, automobiles, tractors, airplanes, motorcycles, aluminium boats, ladders, aluminium rivets, fuel tanks, wheels, awnings, gutters, brackets and even do thread repair.

Because of its superior advanced technology, our brazing rod has rendered the welding machine obsolete. It is manufactured with nine alloys in a hi-tech process that makes it three times more flexible and stronger than any other rod on the market.

Still holding onto that welding machine? For cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass welding projects, try our new HTS-528 industrial-strength brazing rod. Melting the base metal is not necessary since the HTS-528 rod has a built-in flux and is extremely effective in joining dissimilar materials. The 528 is the perfect rod to use for high-heat applications up to 760�C including joining cast iron ears or repairing cracks in blocks.

So, whether you're working with aluminium, cast iron or other metals and need the flexibility, portability and durability that a torch and our product line can provide, isn't it time you put that welding machine in a corner and tried something that will make your life a little easier?


See our  demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium brazing rods and put that welding machine to rest.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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