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How To Weld

How to weld is a question asked by many just getting started. There are many books on how to weld, too many in fact to mention. But, what the books don't tell those wanting to learn how to weld are the specific products needed for the task.

Many of those just getting started believe they need a welding machine in order to learn how to weld. We are here to tell you that you don't. All you need in order to get started in learning how to weld is a heat source such as propane, butane, mapp, or an oxy-acetylene torch and our high-strength brazing rods.

There's no need to spend hours learning how to MIG and TIG weld when you can do everything you need to do with the flexibility of gas welding using our HTS-2000 and HTS-528 industrial-strength, second-generation brazing rods. If you want to learn how to weld fuel tanks, diesel engines, automobiles, trucks, tractors, airplanes, motorcycles, aluminium boats, wheels, awnings, gutters, ladders, rivets and aluminium brackets, then all you need is our line of hi-tech brazing products, a heat source and a will to learn.

Just ask the professional welders, maintenance repairmen, fabricators and machine shop owners across the nation who have switched from other types of welding platforms to using our system. If you're just learning how to weld, why start off on the wrong foot only to switch to our system at a later date? Why not start off learning how to weld right the first time around?

If you're like many who are new to welding, you just want to get two pieces of metal to stick together without cracking, warping, shriveling, or breaking. For aluminium, we recommend the HTS-2000 brazing rod as it has more tensile strength and elongation than any other product on the market. Repairs are actually stronger than the base metal, no special brushes are needed and the brazing rod material penetrates past impurities like antifreeze, oil, and corrosion.

For those learning how to weld cast iron, we recommend the HTS-528 brazing rod as the flux is built right into the rod, meaning melting the base metal is not necessary. The 528 is the perfect rod to use for high-heat applications up to 760�C such as cast iron manifolds or repairing cracks in blocks.

For more information on how to weld, check out our video and see the many uses for our high-strength brazing material.

Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


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