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Fuel Tank Repair

Fuel tank repair is one of the many uses for our HTS-2000 brazing rods. Whether you're looking to repair a fuel tank on a motorcycle or other small vehicle or on a larger vehicle such as a car or truck, the HTS aluminium brazing rod can help you do just that.

It must be noted though that fuel tank repair can be an extremely dangerous undertaking so due caution in applying any kind of heat to a fuel tank is waranted. Before repairing a fuel tank it will need to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out so that no fumes remain that could cause combustion once heat is applied.

That said, the HTS 2000 brazing rod will repair leaks in a fuel tank stronger than the surrounding metal. The only prep work that will be needed usually is sandpaper to remove old paint, rust or under-coatings and a good commercial degreaser. For larger applications sandblasting a fuel tank may be in order.

Fuel tanks such as gasoline, diesel and even your future car's hydrogen tank can all be repaired with our brazing rods. The HTS system is not a fuel tank repair kit that may only last you a few years, but rather a permanent solution to your fuel tank leakage problem.

Our HTS products offer superior quality - this is the best brazing rod you can buy anywhere at any price.

See our videos and it will be easy for you to choose our fuel tank repair solution.


Wheel Repair

Wheel repair is simple with the HTS-2000 and HTS-528 hi-tech brazing rods. Wheel repair for cars, trucks, RV's, buses, trailers and any other kind of aluminium or steel wheels can be fixed quickly, easily and permanently.

For automobile enthusiasts, having large alloy wheels can improve performance and give a more sporting look to a vehicle. Carmakers more recently have begun to respond to consumer desire to have a more sporting look come standard on many vehicles such as family sedans, compact cars, minivans and even station wagons and have been equipping such vehicle with large-diameter alloy wheels.

Over time, a vehicle's workload, speed and road conditions can cause extremely high cyclical stresses at some points on the wheel. The points most affected are the ventilation holes and the disk attachment holes, the flange, plus the edge of the rim. Cracks, scrapes, bends, pits and dings may necessitate quality wheel repair.

Replacement of these alloy wheels by the dealer or performance shops can be an expensive ordeal. In response, many niche wheel repair shops have sprung up that will repair a wheel back to factory specs for much less than the replacement costs. Many of these wheel repair shops have turned to our industrial strength second-generation brazing rods for quality repair work.

For aluminium alloy wheel repair, the HTS-2000 is the brazing rod of choice by many professionals. Our product has more tensile strength, elongation, a lower melting temperature and is more efficient at penetrating past impurities than any other product on the market. Our no flux brazing rod is provides a stronger weld than the surrounding base metal and no welding machine is needed, only a heat source such as propane, butane, mapp, or an oxy-acetylene torch. Wheel repair can't get any easier than with the HTS-2000.

For steel wheel repair, the HTS-528 is the brazing rod of choice. This product has flux built right in it and can repair cast iron, steel, copper, bronze, nickel, and brass and is excellent in joining dissimilar metals. When a customer presents you with a steel wheel that is no longer made, but in need of wheel repair, our high-end brazing product has saved many shop owners from turning clients away.

No matter whether your wheels are steel or aluminium, our wheel repair products get the job done quickly and efficiently and with a durability that is stronger than any other product on the market.

Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


Motorcycle Repair

Aluminium welding rods provide instant, reliable and amazingly durable repairs, restoration and reinforcement for many different vehicle or body projects. Simple, versatile and very affordable, the aluminium welding rods can be used at low temperatures and without any specialist equipment or knowledge.

Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


Awning & Marquee Repair

split, cracked or broken poles letting you down? Don't want to have to replace an expensive, essential but not regularly used marquee or awning just because the poles have been damaged? Instant spot welding, reinforcement or joins performed as you need them, quickly and inexpensively will help you get several more seasons out of your equipment.

Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


Classic Car Restoration

Where replacement parts are becoming increasingly difficult to find, aluminium welding rods allow you to repair or rebuild essential parts you may not otherwise be able to source. By adding strength and durability to your work, this inexpensive, flexible resource can breathe new life into your project.

Check out our demonstration videos to see how you can use HTS 2000 Aluminium Brazing Rods


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